Composite Cladding Solutions

Is your cladding plaint and secure? Is it needed to check the compliance of the cladding on your building??

Many strata managers and building owners currently use aluminium composite cladding, which is dangerous and doesn’t meet modern industry requirements.

A non-combustible cladding that complies with the new industry requirements must be used to replace any non-compliant cladding materials. Make sure that the cladding on your property is secure and free from any dangers.

Composite Cladding Solutions

Cladding Compliance

Our goal is to make sure everyone inside your building is secure.

Our main priority is to solve your cladding compliance problems. Our procedure enables our team of remedial construction specialists to reclad your building in the safest, most practical manner while also reviewing and reporting on your cladding compliance issue.

Our service provides the testing and compliance reports necessary to comply with the law, but it also provides advice on how to best address the issue and complete the re-cladding project.

Fire Testing

Know the fire risk of your cladding and precisely define and determine quantities of the materials used, with the insulation and sarking.

Conformity Reporting

After the testing is finished, we will collaborate with a certified fsa to produce the necessary reporting and make suggestions for the necessary corrective measure.

Re-cladding Services

We are in a good position to assist in resolving any problems that may have been discovered during this procedure because to our knowledge in remedial building services.

From the safe removal of hazardous materials through the reinstallation of materials that comply with regulations, Statewide Building Projects offers comprehensive rectification services to meet all of your cladding needs. Building owners benefit from the peace of mind we offer thanks to our high calibre project management, service, and procedure.