Frequently Asked Questions

Statewide Building Projects we are dedicated to making the repair process as simple and efficient as possible for our customers and their customers. We’ve compiled an inventory of the most frequently asked questions to help you through the procedure. If you’re not able to answer your question, get in touch with us to help you.
Statewide Building Projects directly employs Carpenters in Sydney and the South East Queensland area to assure reliability and quality. We also have a vast list of trades throughout Southern Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania, New South Wales Australian Capital Territory, and Tasmania. If we can, we employ local tradesmen and local products to ensure repairs are done quickly and efficiently.

Maintenance is the process of preserving the surface or item that is attached to your home or property. It is typically located in areas that have aged or are placed in a place where will wear and wear and tear e.g. the rusty flashings of the passage of time or proximity to the ocean, paint that has blisters due to weathering or an old deck that has degraded due to not being oil-ed.

A contract you signed in conjunction with the Insurance Company when you took out your Insurance Policy specifies that it is your responsibility to make sure your home is well-maintained and water-tight. Your Insurance Company will not be liable for any damages that didn’t occur in a single incident (e.g. storm, fire, break-in).

So, if there are problems with maintenance due to general wear and tear, these are not covered under your insurance policy. If they’ve opted to compensate for the damage, we’ll require the work to be done first to stop the damage from occurring again.

Your Insurance Company will issue an informational letter that outlines what maintenance must be done and the deadline by which it needs to be completed.

Maintenance work must be carried out before damage resulting from claims is repaired.

There is no requirement in person. Our tradespeople are licensed and competent and are subject to regular checks for quality and license. Our tradespeople will be aware of when they’re scheduled to be at the site if they have permission from you they will not require you to be present. However, if you’d prefer to be there during the scheduled time we will confirm the booking and make repairs according to your requirements.
When you approve and return the authority to proceed and also pay the Overage (if required) The Supervisor of the project will call you to arrange repairs to begin at the most convenient time. This is contingent on the availability of supplies, weather, and other trades that are specific to the job’s scope. When repairs are completed you will be provided with an estimate of the time frame for repairs as well as we’ll keep you updated throughout the entire procedure.
It is your Insurance Company will confirm with you if your policy carries an excess that is payable at the time of filing the claim. They may also require us to pay this amount on their behalf before the work can begin. If this is the case with your policy, we’ll inform you in writing, along with the amount to be paid. The payment is then subtracted from the final invoice we issue for you by your Insurance Company. This is a common practice in the majority of insurance companies. It helps us get your repairs underway as quickly as possible.
The general answer is yes, but there are a few factors to take into consideration. The insurance policy will only cover your property to bring it back to the condition it was before loss It will also only cover expenses for replacements of like-for-like and any additional expenses would need to be borne by you. For example, if you replace your vanity and you want to improve your vanity and you want to upgrade it, you’ll have to cover the cost of the item that is more costly. Also, if more labour-intensive tasks are required, such as repainting the vanity to a lighter colour (which will require several coats of paint to get the desired outcome) the client will have to pay for it as well. The Estimator will happily inform you of any costs that could be incurred if you want to alter things.
Further repairs are made on an individual basis. In general, yes, however, this is contingent on the amount of repairs, and the need to ensure they don’t interfere with insurance repairs. Your Supervisor or one of our tradesmen can give you estimates for private repairs. If we are unable to assist you, we’ll link you to tradesmen who can.
We will notify you of any new damage that you discover and we’ll have our team evaluate the damage. The assessment will be passed on directly to the Insurance Company for approval. When the damages are determined to be part of the same claim and it is covered by your policy of insurance, the repair is added to your claim.
A Claims Representative or Job Supervisors can be contacted via our office phone number (02) 970 3665. Make sure you keep your job reference number handy as it will help us in supplying timely information regarding your repairs.