At Statewide Building Projects, our specialise team is dedicated to providing remedial, restorative, and preventative services that add value to our client’s properties. With comprehensive expertise, we tackle complex building issues, delivering results that prioritize value, quality, and timely completion.

Our Expertise

Structural & Concrete Repairs

Our remedial construction team specialises in various concrete rectification services, including epoxy crack injections, coatings, cementitious remediation solutions, concrete spalling repair, and cathodic protection.

Waterproofing & Membranes

Our technicians can pinpoint leakage areas through testing and collaborate with remedial engineers to create an action plan. We have extensive experience in rectifying waterproofing issues in areas such as rooftops, balconies, basements, and more, using techniques like re-application of membranes, coatings, sealants, and rendering.

Facade Repair

Our technicians excel in building facade restoration and cladding replacement, serving commercial, residential, and strata properties. They bring extensive experience in revitalizing external building elements, encompassing structural and aesthetic aspects with the use of contemporary finishes.

Remedial Building Works

Remedial building work is the special form of rectification and corrective measure for buildings having defects, especially with considerable problems with structural and/or water seepage.

Composite Cladding Solutions

Is your cladding plaint and secure? Is it needed to check the compliance of the cladding on your building?

Project Management

Our goal is to provide clients with a project plan that gives accurate information throughout the delivery process.

Brickwork Repairs

Our goal is to preserve the building's stability and longevity, and we constantly pay strict attention to the aesthetics of each facade, especially the brickwork. For this reason, we offer the following services to guarantee a high-quality result.

Building Facade Repairs and Upgrades

Give us a list of your building repair challenges, and we'll develop a specialized solution to solve them.

Architectural and Protective Coatings

Brickwork around windows and doors may get cracked as a result of corrosion of arch bars or lintels.

Window and Door Replacement

Enhancing the value of your building can be achieved through the replacement of windows and doors.

Balustrade Replacement

Installing new balustrades will improve your building's facade's safety and appearance.

Balcony Waterproofing and Tiling

Repairing the balcony on your building will increase its worth.

Rooftop Repair and Maintenance

Repair, clean, and paint your roof attentively to bring it back to its former glory.

Structural Building Solutions

We offer a specialised service that includes concrete, steel, and wood structural rehabilitation. If there are any structural problems with these materials, our crew is prepared to handle them and make repairs.

Carbon Fibre Strengthening

Our skills also include strengthening and reinforcing constructions composed of fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP), steel, wood, and concrete.

Structural Repair

It is essential to act quickly to address serious structural problems.

Arch Bar and Lintel Repair and Replacement

Erosion of arch bars or lintels can lead to cracks in the brickwork surrounding windows and doors.

Brickwork Repointing, Stitching and Strengthening

For bricks or stones that show deterioration symptoms like erosion, cracking, or fretting, we provide thorough repair services.

Corrosion Management

Ask us about our corrosion prevention strategies and our ways of addressing steel corrosion problems in concrete and masonry structures with cathodic protection.

Planter Box Replacement

Fix the leaky planter box issue to stop more water damage.

Concrete Repair

Immediately address any evidence of concrete spalling or cracking.

Cladding Replacement

Do you worry about the high-risk cladding on your property?

Fire Rating Solutions

Gain access to a group of committed fire rating specialists who can offer you specific help and guidance.

Council Order Rectification

Learn everything you can about the specifications listed in your council order for improving key fire services.

Intumescent Paint

Use our collection of intumescent coatings to protect structural steel against fire damage.

Fire Safety Upgrades

Ensure you comply with the latest fire safety requirements

Performance Solutions for Fire Safety

We are experts in assisting you with the fire engineering process evaluation of fire safety performance solutions.

HBCF Warranty Claims

Our strong cooperation with your insurer enables us to provide rectification solutions that are affordable.

Multi-purpose Flooring Systems

Take the guesswork out of selecting the ideal flooring for your unique needs.

Commercial Flooring Solutions

Introducing a custom flooring option created especially for the unique requirements of your commercial property.

Industrial Flooring Solutions

We provide tough, long-lasting industrial flooring solutions that put compliance, non-slip characteristics, and longevity first.

Painting and Coatings

Obtain high-quality commercial painting services, including exterior and interior applications, as well as protective and architectural coating options that are affordable.

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