Arch Bar and Lintel Repair and Replacement

Erosion of arch bars or lintels can lead to cracks in the brickwork surrounding windows and doors

To give structural support for different openings like windows and doors, arch bars and lintels are used. Because they are frequently made of steel, older arch bars and lintels frequently exhibit corrosion and expansion. This happens when the steel isn’t galvanised or when the shielding flashing has become damaged, allowing moisture to leak into the steel.

Rust frequently forms as a result of the steel’s corroding and expanding, which also causes the bricks nearby to break and can cause structural problems. In addition to being unsightly, the condition may be dangerous.

To curb the situation from aggravating, the problem must be resolved at once. It typically entails fixing or replacing corroded arch bars or lintels, making sure the right protective measures are in place, and fixing any cracked or broken bricks. The structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the impacted openings can be protected by taking care of the corrosion on the arch bar and lintel, assuring safety and averting any problems.


At Statewide Building Projects, we specialise in maintaining and replacing crucial structural components to guarantee the stability of your structure. We strongly advise you to get in touch with us if you see any indicators of cavity flashing failure, such as brick cracking, brick growth, corrosion, or rust. We are available to talk with you about these problems and suggest appropriate solutions. Our top focus is restoring the structural integrity of your building, and we are prepared to help you resolve these issues.

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