Architectural and Protective Coatings

Brickwork around windows and doors may get cracked as a result of corrosion of arch bars or lintels

In supporting buildings like windows, doors, and other openings, arch bars and lintels are essential. Older arch bars and lintels, which are often composed of steel, frequently corrode and expand. This happens when the steel is improperly galvanised or when the surrounding flashing fails, enabling moisture to seep in. The entry of water damages the steel by causing corrosion and expansion, which results in unattractive rust, cracking of the nearby brickwork, and possibly structural damage. In addition to being unsightly, this can also present safety issues that urgently require attention.

Repairing and replacing important structural components is Statewide Building Projects’ area of expertise, and doing so successfully restores the structural integrity of your structure. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you notice any signs of probable failure in your cavity flashing, such as brick cracking, brick growth, corrosion, or rust. To make sure that your property is stable and lasts a long time, our team is prepared to talk about and handle these problems.

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