Balcony Waterproofing and Tiling

Repairing the balcony on your building will increase its worth

Balcony repairs can involve a variety of operations, from simple retiling to complex waterproofing techniques intended to combat balcony leaks.

Because there is a chance that leaky balconies would cause substrate damage and water intrusion into the building’s interior, it is essential to take immediate action. In addition to the structural issues, renters are significantly more at risk for liability and safety when balconies leak. There are a number of risks associated with ignoring a leaking balcony, including:

  • Water ingress to the surrounding external walls
  • Water damage that can be seen in the homes next to or below the balcony
  • Electrical system damage that results in power outages or harmful charges
  • An unusual yet extremely risky balcony collapse

The knowledgeable team at Statewide Building Projects is experienced in locating the source of leaks, whether you need balcony repairs on their own or as part of a bigger project.

Balcony Waterproofing and Tiling

In order to make your balcony safe and aesthetically pleasing, we have experience adopting cutting-edge waterproofing technology as well as doing tiling and restoration work. Our knowledge enables us to identify the primary cause of leaks and offer complete solutions that return your balcony to a safe and presentable state. Count on Statewide Building Projects to provide superior balcony repairs that are customised to meet your demands.

If your balcony has planter boxes, we offer specialised planter box replacement services to give you a complete balcony solution.

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