Balustrade Replacement

Installing new balustrades will improve your building's facade's safety and appearance

Balustrades that are outdated or damaged can make your building appear old and unattractive. Their importance goes beyond aesthetics, though, since they can be dangerous. In order to preserve the security of residents and guests, it is critical to address worn or broken balustrades as soon as possible. By changing these balustrades, you improve the building’s aesthetic appeal while simultaneously putting everyone who enters and exits it first in terms of their safety and well-being.

Statewide Building Projects offers a wide range of balustrading choices that are tailored to your unique needs and financial constraints if you are thinking of replacing your balustrade to comply with australian standards or to increase the value and aesthetic appeal of your building. Our wide selection guarantees that you may discover the ideal balustrade solution to satisfy your requirements while abiding by the applicable norms and laws. Count on Statewide Building Projects to provide outstanding balustrade options that support your building’s vision and objectives.

  • Glass balustrades
  • Stainless steel balustrades
  • Powder coated aluminium and/or glass balustrades
  • Frameless or semi frameless balustrades
  • Galvanised balustrades
  • Made to order architectural balustrades
We are here to talk about how we can help you upgrade your balustrades to the necessary standards. Our crew is knowledgeable about the rules and specifications governing australian balustrade compliance. We can assess your current balustrade system, find any places where it falls short of requirements, and offer workable fixes to ensure complete compliance. Permit us to help you as you update your balustrades to comply with safety standards and make your building more secure.

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