Brickwork Repointing, Stitching and Strengthening

For bricks or stones that show deterioration symptoms like erosion, cracking, or fretting, we provide thorough repair services

Your building’s stones or bricks are frequently harmed by water infiltration, lintel damage, direct impact, or salt decomposition. These elements may have an obvious effect on particular stones or bricks. The mortar joints in between the bricks or stones may also show indications of wear or, in more extreme circumstances, start to pull away from the inner lining. It is essential to take care of these problems right away to stop future harm and keep your building structurally sound.

Statewide Building Projects will take the required action to remedy the issue once it is clear that remediation work is required. To do this, impacted bricks must be taken out, the remaining bricks must be treated to lessen the effects of salt corrosion, and any damaged bricks and brick ties must be replaced. Our crew will painstakingly repoint the brickwork when the replacement is finished to return the wall to its former state.

If you witness any problems with stonework or brickwork, please do talk to us. Our team will talk to you about your individual requirements and help create a solution that is best.


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