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Introducing a custom flooring option created especially for the unique requirements of your commercial property

Commercial flooring is more vulnerable to deterioration than residential flooring due to variables like high foot traffic, exposure to oils and detergents, and the need to sustain big loads. It is critical to understand that worn-out or damaged floors can provide serious risks to health and safety in addition to being unsightly.

The existence of a damaged floor may have negative effects which are mentioned below:

  • An extremely slippery floor due to deterioration might increase the risk of staff and client accidents or injuries.
  • An unsafe condition is created when a floor becomes uneven owing to damage, putting workers or customers at risk of tripping and maybe hurting their feet.
  • A broken floor that begins to collect moisture fosters an environment where bacteria can thrive quickly. This poses a serious concern, particularly in locations where food is prepared or served.

Statewide Building Projects has become a top expert in commercial flooring. Our vast expertise has sharpened our abilities in every aspect of the industry, including careful research, accurate problem identification, careful design, careful planning, and faultless installation of your custom flooring solution.
We are aware that every structure has unique needs regarding flooring.
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