Council Order Rectification

Learn everything you can about the specifications listed in your council order for improving key fire services

Are you aware of your annual fire safety statement’s (AFSS) importance? This material must be read carefully since it is critical to complying with fire safety regulations. Please allow us to discuss its significance and give you a thorough explanation of what an afss includes.

A legally required document called the annual fire safety statement (AFSS) must be prominently displayed in both business and residential buildings, usually in a common place like the lobby. This document outlines the appropriate criteria for the installation of all the necessary fire services installed within the building and offers a detailed description of all of those services. It is a crucial resource for ensuring fire safety compliance and aids in ensuring the appropriate upkeep and efficiency of fire prevention systems.

Building owners have a duty to put everyone’s safety first in compliance with legislative regulations. To achieve compliance, it is essential to keep the annual fire safety statement (AFSS) current. Buildings frequently get council fire upgrade letters over time because construction codes are updated frequently. These alerts outline the building’s required fire safety standards that must be addressed and corrected. To improve the fire safety of your building, our staff can help you comprehend and meet these criteria.

Project Management

Our team at Statewide Building Projects has skilled professionals who are dedicated to collaborating with you. We aim to provide you with the most affordable, legal solutions for your distinct needs.

We offer numerous upgrade services, including the following:

  • Fire penetrations
  • Fire doors
  • Thin film intumescents
  • Fire safety audits

Contact us right away to make sure your building complies with all regulations and that any council-issued fire improvement orders are handled to the highest standard. Our team is prepared to help you make your property as fire-safe as possible.

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