Intumescent Paint

Use our collection of intumescent coatings to protect structural steel against fire damage

A popular passive fire protection substance that offers significant fire resistance is intumescent sealant or paint. It goes through a process of swelling known as charring during a fire, which helps reduce the amount of time the steel is exposed to heat. By effectively reducing the risk of structural failure and collapse, this improves the building’s overall safety.

Applying intumescent coatings has a number of advantages, including:

  • The benefit of using intumescent coatings is that they are simple to apply and require less work.
  • The binding strength of intumescent coatings is outstanding. Their overall ability to provide fire protection is enhanced by this characteristic. These coatings also need little continuing maintenance, even without the use of a finish coat.
  • Because they are moisture-resistant, intumescent coatings have the advantage of efficiently preventing corrosion on the surfaces they are applied on.
  • Low voc
Intumescent Paint

At Statewide Building Projects, we have long-standing relationship with permax, a key supplier of both water-based and hybrid intumescent paints from nullfire.

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