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Obtain high-quality commercial painting services, including exterior and interior applications, as well as protective and architectural coating options that are affordable

Statewide Building Projects is your first choice when it comes to applying paint or protective coating solutions, whether for inside or external uses. We take pride in producing work of the highest calibre, paying strict attention to detail, and having in-depth product expertise.

Profit from our considerable expertise in providing outstanding painting, architectural, and protective coating services for over 50 years. We have a thorough awareness of the technical and safety considerations associated with preparing substrates and applying quality paint and coating finishes.

For your project, we are aware of how important careful planning and efficient project management are. To achieve success, we, therefore, give these factors priority. With us, you’ll benefit from a committed project management team that will oversee each step of the building process, from planning to completion.


While working on your project, our team of experts is dedicated to causing as little inconvenience as possible to building occupants. They will offer insightful advice on the best methods to accomplish this goal.

Explore our extensive selection of services and abilities, which includes:

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